Suriname, officially the Republic of Suriname, is a country in the north of South America. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and French Guiana to the east. Guyana borders Suriname to the west, and Brazil borders it to the south. Suriname is the smallest country in South America.

Country Profile

Official NameContinentSubregionCapital CityPopulationWorld Population %Land Area (km²)CurrencyCurrency Symbol
The Republic of SurinameSouth AmericaSouth AmericaParamaribo623,2360.01%156,000Surinamese dollar$

Paramaribo, located on the banks of the Suriname River, is the capital of Suriname. The city was founded in 1613 as a Dutch trading post. The English were the first to try and settle in the country in 1630. The French established a settlement in 1640 near the mouth of the Suriname River. The country was a Dutch colony from 1667 until its independence in 1975.

The country has a tropical climate with warm, humid weather throughout the year. There is little seasonal variation, although the major wet season typically lasts from May until July. A lesser wet season usually lasts from November until January.

Julianatop is the highest mountain in the country, with an elevation of 1,280 meters (4,199 ft). The mountain is in the southern Sipaliwini District (the country’s largest district). Courantyne River is the longest river in Suriname and has a total length of 724 kilometers (450 miles). The river creates the border between Suriname and neighboring Guyana.

The majority of Suriname’s population are descendants of Asian and African slaves and laborers who were brought to the country by the Dutch. Most people live in and around Paramaribo and along the northern coast.

Suriname is a democratic republic with a president who serves as both head of state and head of government.

Suriname: Stats and Facts

Official LanguageMain ReligionNational AnthemISO alpha-2ISO alpha-3Internet country domains (TLDs)Dialling CodeCoastline Length (km)Geographic coordinates (center point of country)Number of Time ZonesTime Zone(s)Daylight Savings Time?Driving SideGDP (PPP)GDP per capita (PPP)GDP (nominal)GDP per capita (nominal)
"God zij met ons Suriname"
("God Be With Our Suriname") 00 N, 56 00 W1UTC −03:00Not observedleft$12,041,000,000$19,052$3,994,000,000$6,319