Chile is the world’s southernmost country. It is located on the continent of South America, and is surrounded by the countries of Peru to the north and Bolivia and Argentina to the east. The South Pacific Ocean is to the west of Chile, and it is separated from Antarctica by the Drake Passage. The country includes several islands and Archipelagos, the largest of which are Chiloé, Hoste, Magdalena, Navarino, Riesco, Santa Inés, Tierra del Fuego, and Wellington. It also controls the territories of Easter Island and the Juan Fernández Islands, among others.

Country Profile

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Chile is the world’s longest and narrowest country, stretching more than 4,300 kilometers from north to south but only a maximum of 350 kilometers from east to west. To the far east lies the Andes mountain range; much of the north is covered in desert, and the south consists of forests, lakes, and fjords. The majority of the population lives in the central portion of the country, which is where the larger cities are located.

The capital of Chile is Santiago. The country’s industrial and financial center, it is home to much of the nations’ industry as well as the headquarters of multiple international companies. Along with Buenos Aires in Argentina and São Paulo in Brazil, it is one of South America’s major financial centers.

Situated within the Ring of Fire, Chile is susceptible to extreme natural events, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

Chile has many different climates due to its considerable length. The country has three main climatic zones: North, central, and south. The north has an arid climate, the central has a Mediterranean climate, and the south has a temperate oceanic climate with alpine tundra and glaciers in the far south.

Chile is a democratic republic. The President is the head of the state and the head of the government.

Chile: Stats and Facts

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