Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands consists of six large islands and more than 900 small islands in the Melanesia subregion of Oceania. Guadalcanal Island is the largest island and is home to the country’s capital, Honiara.

Country Profile

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The nearest countries to the Solomon Islands are Papua New Guinea (to the northwest), Australia (to the southwest) and New Caledoniaย andย Vanuatuย (to the southeast). The combined area of the Solomon Islands is 30,407 kmยฒ (11,197 miยฒ).

Germany colonized the northern Solomon Islands in 1884. Two years later, Britain reached an agreement with Germany that gave Britain influence over the southern Solomon Islands, which later developed into a protectorate in 1893. The Solomon Islands gained independence from the UK in 1978.

The Solomon Islands have a tropical climate with hot and humid weather throughout the year. The wet season typically lasts from November until April, although there is abundant rainfall throughout most of the year.

Most of the country is mountainous and forested. There are eight volcanoes on the islands, although only three are currently active. Mount Popomanaseu is the highest point on the Solomon Islands, with an elevation of 2,330 meters (7,644 ft). The mountain sits on Guadalcanal Island and is culturally important to the country’s indigenous people.

The British monarch serves as the Solomon Islands’ head of state (represented by a governor-general). The country’s prime minister serves as the head of government. The government has executive power and shares legislative power with a multi-party parliament.

Solomon Islands: Stats and Facts

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