El Salvador

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is a country in the Central America region of North America. The country is bordered by Honduras to the northeast and Guatemala to the northwest. The Pacific Ocean borders El Salvador to the south.

Country Profile

Official NameContinentSubregionCapital CityPopulationWorld Population %Land Area (kmΒ²)CurrencyCurrency Symbol
The Republic of El SalvadorNorth AmericaCentral AmericaSan Salvador6,364,9420.08%20,721United States dollar$

San Salvador, located in the center of the country, is the capital of El Salvador. The city is home to various governmental institutions, including the Council of Ministries of El Salvador and the Supreme Court of El Salvador. It is also the president’s official residency. Other major cities in the country include Soyapango, San Miguel, and Santa Ana.

The Spanish colonized El Salvador in 1524. The country gained independence in 1821 before being forcibly incorporated into the First Mexican Empire two years later. El Salvador joined the Federal Republic of Central AmericaΒ in 1823 until 1841, when it became a sovereign state.

El Salvador has a tropical climate, with a wet season from May to October and a dry season from November to April. The lowland regions are typically hot and humid, while the mountains and plateau regions have more moderate temperatures.

The highest point in El Salvador is Cerro El Pital, which has an elevation of 2,730 meters (8,957 feet). The mountain sits on the border between El Salvador and neighboring Honduras. El Salvador has over 20 volcanoes, two of which (San Miguel and Izalco) have been active in the last two centuries.

El Salvador is a democratic republic with a president who serves as both head of state and head of government. The government has executive power and shares legislative power with the Legislative Assembly.

El Salvador: Stats and Facts

Official LanguageMain ReligionNational AnthemISO alpha-2ISO alpha-3Internet country domains (TLDs)Dialling CodeCoastline Length (km)Geographic coordinates (center point of country)Number of Time ZonesTime Zone(s)Daylight Savings Time?Driving SideGDP (PPP)GDP per capita (PPP)GDP (nominal)GDP per capita (nominal)
"Himno Nacional de El Salvador"
("National Anthem of El Salvador")
SVSLV.sv+50330713 50 N, 88 55 W1UTC βˆ’06:00Not observedright$77,671,000,000$12,172$37,172,000,000$5,825