Map of Portugal and country flag

Portugal is a country in southern Europe. It shares its sole land border with Spain, which borders it to the north and east. The Atlantic Ocean borders the Iberian region to the west and south.

Country Profile

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Lisbon, located in the western region, is the capital of Portugal. The city is one of the oldest in the world and the second oldest in Europe (after Athens in Greece). Other major cities in Portugal include Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Amadora.

Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, with dry, warm weather in the south and cooler, wet weather in the north. The Atlantic Ocean is the main influence of the temperate weather. The Algarve, located in the southernmost region of Portugal, is the country’s hottest region, while the northern municipalities tend to be the coldest.

Popular tourist attractions and landmarks in Portugal include Belém Tower, São Jorge Castle in Lisbon, and the Sanctuary of Christ the King monument in Almada. Some of the country’s natural wonders include Praia Portinho da Arrábida Beach near Lisbon, the Benagil Caves in Lagoa, and the Penada Geres National Park near the Spanish border.

Torre in the Serra da Estrela range is the highest point on mainland Portugal and measures 1,993 meters tall. Mount Pico on Pico Island is the highest point in the country, measuring 2,351 meters. The longest river in Portugal is the Tagus, which has a total length of 1,007 km from Montes Universales in eastern Spain through Portugal and into the Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon.

Portugal has a multi-party system. The prime minister acts as the head of government, while the president is the non-executive head of state. The Portuguese monarchy was abolished in 1910 when Portugal became a republic.

Portugal: Stats and Facts

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