Timor-Leste is a country in South-eastern Asia. It is located on the eastern side of the island of Timor, which it shares with Indonesia. The country’s territory also includes the exclave of Oecusse in the northwest of the island, as well as the islands of Atauro to the north and Jaco just off the east coast. Australia lies to the south, and Indonesia lies to the north, east, and west.

Country Profile

Official NameContinentSubregionCapital CityPopulationWorld Population %Land Area (km²)CurrencyCurrency Symbol
The Democratic Republic of Timor-LesteAsiaSouth-eastern AsiaDili1,360,5960.02%14,874United States dollar$

Timor-Leste’s capital and largest city is Dili, located on the north coast of Timor Island. The city’s port is the largest in Timor-Leste and handles most of the country’s international shipping. The country’s top exports are oil — which it extracts from the Timor Sea — coffee and scrap iron. In addition to exports, the country’s economy is dependent on agriculture and, more recently, tourism.

The landscape of Timor-Leste is dominated by mountains, the highest of which is Tatamailau or “Mount Ramelau”, just south of the capital. While mountains cover much of the country’s interior, the south consists largely of lowland forest. Timor-Leste’s topography also includes dry grasslands, hilly savannas, and coastal lagoons. The Nino Konis Santana National Park lies in the easternmost part of Timor Island. This protected area contains the Paitchau mountain range and Lake Ira Lalaro, both of which provide habitats for endangered species like the Timor long-necked turtle and the yellow-crested cockatoo. The country’s waters are part of the Coral Triangle, a biodiversity hotspot recognized globally as a conservation priority.

The climate of Timor-Leste is tropical, with a wet season from December through May and a dry season from June through November. June through August are the coldest months, though temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. During the wet season, the country is prone to flooding and landslides.

Timor-Leste is a semi-presidential republic based on the Portuguese system of government. It has a President who serves as the head of the state and a Prime Minister who is the head of the government.

Timor-Leste: Stats and Facts

Official LanguagesMain ReligionNational AnthemISO alpha-2ISO alpha-3Internet country domains (TLDs)Dialling CodeCoastline Length (km)Geographic coordinates (center point of country)Number of Time ZonesTime Zone(s)Daylight Savings Time?Driving SideGDP (PPP)GDP per capita (PPP)GDP (nominal)GDP per capita (nominal)
TLTLS.tl+6707068 50 S, 125 55 E1UTC +09:00Not observedleft$5,079,000,000$3,706$2,037,000,000$1,487