Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. The Gulf of Thailand borders the country to the south, and theΒ Andaman Sea borders it to the southwest. Myanmar borders Thailand to the northwest, Laos borders it to the northeast, and Cambodia borders it to the southeast. Malaysia borders the country to the south. Vietnam shares maritime borders with Thailand to the southeast, and India and Indonesia share maritime borders with it to the southwest.

Country Profile

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The country was called ‘Siam’ for nearly 800 years before being renamed in 1939. The move reflected the country’s new era, as it had become a constitutional monarchy in 1932. The name ‘Thailand’ was chosen as the majority of the population are Thai, a group of people who migrated from southwestern China between the 6th and 11th centuries.

Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that hasn’t been under colonial rule. After the country became a constitutional monarchy, the prime minister became the head of the government, and the monarch served as the head of state. However, the country had a coup d’Γ©tatΒ in 2014, and a military organization took over the country’s administration until 2019. A new cabinet was introduced in the same year.

The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok, which is also the country’s largest city.

Thailand has a tropical climate, with warm, humid weather throughout the year. The country experiences monsoon season between July and October, which brings heavy rain. Thailand’s hottest season lasts from March to June.

There are forested mountains, plateaus, and sandy beaches throughout the country. The highest mountain in Thailand is Doi Inthanon, a 2,565 meter high peak in northwestern Thailand. Thailand’s mountains are mainly found in the northern Highlands. The center of the country is a flat river valley dominated by the Chao Phraya, one of the country’s major rivers.

Thailand: Stats and Facts

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