Qatar, officially theย State of Qatar, is a country in West Asia. The country is located on the Qatar Peninsulaย and shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia in the south. The Persian Gulf surrounds the rest of the country; Qatar is separated from neighboring Bahrain by theย Gulf of Bahrain, a small section of the Persian Gulf.

Country Profile

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Qatar’s capital is Doha, located on the Persian Gulf coast. Doha was founded in the 1820s and is home to most of Qatar’s population. Other prominent towns and cities in the country include the northern city of Al Khor, the western city of Dukhan, and the coastal town of Al Ruwais.

The House of Thaniย has been the ruling family of Qatar since 1868. There are four main factions in the family: Bani Qassim, Bani Ahmed, Bani Jaber, and Bani Thamer, totaling over 15,000 family members. The emir (monarch) serves as head of state and chief executive with absolute power. They hold virtually total executive and legislative authority and appoint Qatar’s prime minister (who serves as head of government) and the country’s cabinet.

Qatar has a desert climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. Most of the country is flat expanses of desert without any significant mountain ranges. The highest point in Qatar is the Qurain Abu al-Bawl, which has an elevation of 103 meters. The hill is located south of the peninsula near the border with Saudi Arabia.

Qatar: Stats and Facts

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