Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a country in South Asia. India borders the landlocked country to the south, east, and west, and China’s Tibet region to the north. Nepal is separated from  Bangladesh by the Siliguri Corridor and Bhutan by the northeast Indian state of Sikkim.

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Nepal’s capital is Kathmandu, located in a valley in the Himalayan mountain range. The city is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places, having been occupied since the 2nd century.

The country has the greatest altitude change of anywhere in the world. The mountains in the Himalayan range are the highest in the world, and Nepal’s lowlands are at sea level. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, sits on the Nepal/China border between Nepal and Tibet. Other major mountains in Nepal include Kangchenjunga (third highest in the world), Lhotse (fourth highest in the world), and Makālu (fifth highest in the world).

There are three main regions in Nepal: Terai, Hilly, and Himal. The first is a lowland region, the second has mountainous terrain, and the last is home to the country’s highest mountain ranges.

Nepal has different climates across its various regions. The southern regions have tropical and subtropical climates, while the higher elevations have alpine and subalpine climates. Just over 10% of land in Nepal has a temperate climate, which is used for growing cold-tolerant crops. The Himal region is particularly snowy and cold due to the high elevations.

Nepal is a republic with a multi-party system. The prime minister has executive power, while the parliament has legislative power. Nepal’s monarchy was abolished in 2008; each of the country’s previous Kings served as head of state between 1768 and 2008.

Nepal: Stats and Facts

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