Map of Indonesia and country flag

Indonesia, officially called the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. It shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and the eastern side of Malaysia. Indonesia also shares maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Palau, and India.

Country Profile

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The country is the world’s largest island nation, consisting of over 17,000 islands, although only around 6,000 are inhabited. The largest island in Indonesia is New Guinea, and the most populated island is Java.

Puncak Jaya, on the island of New Guinea, is the highest point in Indonesia. The 4,884 meter (16,024 feet) tall mountain is the highest point on any of the world’s islands. Along with mountains, there are nearly 150 volcanoes in Indonesia, of which over 75 are active.

The climate in Indonesia is equatorial, with hot and humid weather throughout the year. The country’s dry season typically runs from April to October, and the rainy season from November to March.

Indonesia has 38 provinces, each with a local government and a governor. Nine of the provinces have special autonomous status to govern themselves. Jakarta, the largest city and capital of Indonesia, is one of the nine. The city is located on the northwest coast of Java.

The president of Indonesia serves as both the head of government and the head of state. They are elected for a five-year term, which can be renewed once for a maximum of 10 years in office. Although Indonesia as a whole doesn’t have a monarchy, the country does have several ceremonial positions. One of these is the Yogyakarta Sultanate, aΒ JavaneseΒ monarchy in the Yogyakarta Special Region on the island of Java.

Indonesia: Stats and Facts

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