Georgia is a transcontinental country in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, although the United Nations classifies it as being part of Asia. It shares land borders with Russia to the north and east, Azerbaijan to the east and south, and Armenia and Turkey to the south. It is bounded by the Black Sea to the west.

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Georgia is located almost entirely in the Caucasus Mountains. The Greater Caucasus β€” the major range of the Caucasus Mountains β€” forms Georgia’s border with Russia to the north. The Likhi Range runs through the center, dividing the country into an eastern half, which was once known as Iberia, and a western half, which used to be called Colchis. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains form Georgia’s border with Armenia to the south. The Greater Caucasus is much higher than the Lesser Caucasus and contains Mount Shkhara, the highest point in the country. Aside from mountains, Georgia’s landscape consists of lakes, hot springs, swamps, rainforests, semi-arid plains, and rivers.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Home to around a third of the population, it is the country’s largest city.

The climate of Georgia varies depending on the region. It is continental and arid in the central regions, mild and wet along the coast, and cold in the mountains. The Greater Caucasus Mountains protect the country from the colder air masses in the north, while the Lesser Caucasus Mountains partially shield it from the hot, dry air masses in the south.

Georgia is a representative democracy. It is governed as a unitary parliamentary republic, with a Prime Minister as the head of the government and a President as the head of the state. In Georgia, the President’s role is largely ceremonial.

Georgia: Stats and Facts

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