Armenia is a landlocked country in Western Asia. It is bordered by Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Iran and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan to the south, and Türkiye to the west.

Country Profile

Official NameContinentSubregionCapital CityPopulationWorld Population %Land Area (km²)CurrencyCurrency Symbol
The Republic of ArmeniaAsiaWestern AsiaYerevan2,777,9700.00%28,203Armenian dram֏

The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. It is the country’s largest city and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Located in the southern Caucasus Mountains, Armenia’s terrain is mostly mountainous with no plains. Its highest point is Mount Aragats, which rises  4,090 meters (13,419 feet) above sea level. Previously, the highest point in Armenia was Mount Ararat, at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet) high. The mountain now belongs to Türkiye, although it is still featured on the Armenian national emblem. In addition to mountains, the country’s landscape includes rivers and forested areas in the north, northeast, and south. The country’s longest river is the Aras River, which flows along the border between Armenia and Turkey.

Armenia’s climate is continental, with hot, dry, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters. As the altitude increases, temperatures drop, and precipitation increases. Rain is scarce at lower elevations. The driest region is in the country’s west, where the capital is located.

Armenia is a parliamentary democratic republic with a President as the head of the state and a Prime Minister as the head of the government. Executive power is exercised by the President and the government, and legislative power is vested in the government and parliament.

Armenia: Stats and Facts

Official LanguageMain ReligionNational AnthemISO alpha-2ISO alpha-3Internet country domains (TLDs)Dialling CodeCoastline Length (km)Geographic coordinates (center point of country)Number of Time ZonesTime Zone(s)Daylight Savings Time?Driving SideGDP (PPP)GDP per capita (PPP)GDP (nominal)GDP per capita (nominal)
"Մեր Հայրենիք Mer Hayrenik"
("Our Fatherland") (landlocked)40 00 N, 45 00 E1UTC +04:00Not observedright$62,814,000,000$21,200$26,935,000,000$9,091