The Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles, is a country in the Indian Ocean. The island nation is an archipelagic state consisting of 115 islands, the largest of which is Mahé. The Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa, with an area of just 457 km².

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Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles and the largest city in the country. The French originally settled in the area in 1768 after they colonized the country in 1756. The town was called ‘L’Établissement’ but was later renamed ‘Victoria’ after the British gained control of the country.

The British started gaining control of the country in 1794 and gained full control in 1810. Following the Treaty of Paris in 1814, the Seychelles was formally ceded to Britain by France. The Seychelles gained independence from the UK in 1976. The country became a member of the Commonwealth in the same year.

There is no indigenous population in the Seychelles; the islands were uninhabited when European settlers arrived. As such, the current population is descended from immigrants, particularly those of African and French origin.

There are 42 granite islands in the Seychelles, known as the Granitic Seychelles. The islands are known as the inner islands (along with two coral islands) and occupy the shallow waters of the Seychelles Bank. These islands are home to nearly all of the country’s population.

Morne Seychellois is the highest point in the Seychelles. The peak has an elevation of 905 meters (2,969 feet). There are no major lakes in the Seychelles, although there are over 140 named rivers in Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, and Silhouette (four of the major islands in the country).

The Seychelles climate is tropical, with consistent warm and humid weather throughout the year. July and August are typically the coolest months, while March and April are the hottest. The wet season usually lasts from November to March, with the most rainfall occurring in January and February.

The Seychelles is a presidential republic with a president who serves as both head of state and head of government. The government has executive power and shares legislative power with the National Assembly.

Seychelles: Stats and Facts

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