Lesotho is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It is an enclave surrounded entirely by the country of South Africa. Lesotho is the largest of the world’s three enclaves. The other two are Vatican City and San Marino.

Country Profile

Official NameContinentSubregionCapital CityPopulationWorld Population %Land Area (km²)CurrencyCurrency Symbol
The Kingdom of LesothoAfricaSouthern AfricaMaseru2,330,3180.03%30,355Lesotho lotiL or M (pl.)

The capital of Lethoso is Maseru, located in the west of the country in the foothills of the Maloti Mountains.

The Maloti range is one of two mountain ranges in the country. The other is the Drakensberg range. They dominate Lesotho’s landscape, covering two-thirds of the country’s land area. Rising more than 3,475 meters  (11,400 feet), the highest point is Mount Thabana-Ntlenyana. The average elevation in the highlands is 8,000 ft, but even the lowlands are high, at 6,000 feet in places. The country’s lowest point is just under 4,600 feet at the confluence of the Orange and Makhaleng rivers. This makes Lethoso the only country in the world that sits entirely above 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) of elevation.

The climate of Lethoso is temperate with alpine characteristics. Lesotho’s elevation means it is cooler than other countries at the same latitude, with temperatures dropping as altitude increases. The country has four distinct seasons, with hot, rainy summers and cold, dry winters, although the weather can be unstable. Temperatures can fluctuate day-to-day, and rainfall can be erratic. Higher altitudes experience the most rain, with snow falling on the highest peaks all year round.

Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy with a monarch as the head of the state and a Prime Minister as the head of the government. The government comprises three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary.

Lesotho: Stats and Facts

Official LanguagesMain ReligionNational AnthemISO alpha-2ISO alpha-3Internet country domains (TLDs)Dialling CodeCoastline Length (km)Geographic coordinates (center point of country)Number of Time ZonesTime Zone(s)Daylight Savings Time?Driving SideGDP (PPP)GDP per capita (PPP)GDP (nominal)GDP per capita (nominal)
"Lesotho Fatše La Bontata Rona"
("Lesotho, Land of Our Fathers")
LSLSO.ls+2660 (landlocked)29 30 S, 28 30 E1UTC +02:00Not observedleft$7,235,000,000$3,344$2,524,000,000$1,167