Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde (otherwise known as Cape Verde and officially the Republic of Cabo Verde) is an island nation in West Africa. The archipelago is located in the central Atlantic Ocean, around 385 miles off the west coast of Africa. The country is named after the Cap-Vert Penisula, located on the West Africanย Senegaleseย coast.

Country Profile

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There are ten volcanic islands in the Cape Verde archipelago. The islands have a combined land area of 4,033 kmยฒ (1,557ย miยฒ). The largest island, Santiago Island, was the first island in Cape Verde to be populated. Praia, located on the southern coast of Santiago Island, is Cape Verde’s capital.

The islands were uninhabited before Europeans arrived in the 15th century. Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony from 1462 until its independence in 1975. Portuguese remains the country’s official language, although Cape Verdean Creole is also a recognized national language.

Cape Verde has a consistent tropical climate throughout the year. The islands receive limited rainfall, mainly at the beginning of fall. However, September and October are also typically the warmest months of the year.

Mount Fogo, an active volcano, has the highest point in Cape Verde, with an elevation of 2,829 meters (9,281 ft). The volcano is located on the island of Fogo, the fourth-largest island in the archipelago. There are no significant rivers in the archipelago.

The president of Cape Verde serves as the head of state, and the prime minister is the head of government. The president and government share executive power, while the government and National Assembly have legislative power.

Cabo Verde: Stats and Facts

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