Angola is a country in Central Africa. It shares land borders with the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north and east, Zambia to the east, and Namibia to the south. It is bounded by the South Atlantic Ocean to the west. Angolaโ€™s territory also includes the exclave province Cabinda, which is surrounded by the Republic of the Congo to the north, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east and south, and the South Atlantic Ocean to the west.

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Angola is a large country with a wide variety of landscapes. Much of the interior is covered by rainforest and grassland, with savanna dominating the northwestern section, rugged highlands in the south, and the Moรงรขmedes Desert in the deep southwest, near the border with Namibia. The countryโ€™s highest point is Mount Moco, at 2,620 meters. The Congo, Zambezi, and Kasai rivers all pass through Angola. The Congo is the deepest river in the world and the second-longest in Africa.

The capital of Angola is Luanda, a large port city on the northern Atlantic coast. The country has three other natural harbors: Lobito, Moรงรขmedes, and Porto Alexandre. Angolaโ€™s chief exports include crude oil, coffee, diamonds, and fish.

The climate of Angola is tropical, alternating between rainy and dry seasons. In the north, the rainy season can last for up to seven months, between September and April. In the south, the rainy season is shorter, usually running from November through February. In July and August โ€” the middle of the dry season โ€” frost can occur at high altitudes.

Angola operates under a presidential system of government. The President is both the head of the state and the head of the government. The government is composed of three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

Angola: Stats and Facts

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