Month: January 2024

  • Longest beaches in the world

    The 12 Longest Beaches in the World

    January 9, 2024
    Most people like taking a long walk on the beach. There’s nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes…
  • Map of the world showing the largest landlocked countries

    The Largest Landlocked Countries in the World

    January 9, 2024
    A landlocked country is a country without direct access to an ocean or sea. The main disadvantage that landlocked countries…
  • Globe showing the region of Africa

    Regions of Africa

    January 9, 2024
    Home to over 1.47 billion people and covering 11.5 million miles, Africa is the world’s second-largest continent in both size…
  • The Acropolis in Athens

    10 of the Oldest Cities in the World

    January 7, 2024
    Many places have laid claim to being the world's oldest city, but it's difficult to say which one actually holds…
  • Tokyo, the largest city in the world by population

    The 10 Largest Cities in the World by Population

    January 7, 2024
    Earth's population continues to grow rapidly, exceeding eight billion people as at 2024. Cities are growing all over the globe,…
  • View of forest with mountains in the background

    The 10 Largest Forests in the World

    January 7, 2024
    From purifying the air that we breathe to providing wildlife with diverse habitats, forests are essential to our planet. They…
  • World globe showing the continent of Asia. China is at the centre of the globe, and India and Mongolia are also clear while the rest of the globe is blurred.

    Regions of Asia

    January 5, 2024
    Asia is the most populous and largest continent in the world, with over 4.7 billion people living in its 48…
  • View under water

    The 10 Deepest Lakes in the World

    January 5, 2024
    From shimmering bodies of water surrounded by snow-capped mountains to turquoise swimming holes that can only be accessed through caves,…
  • Intersecting words in different languages from around the world

    The 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World

    January 5, 2024
    The origins of language is a hotly contested topic. For example, some argue that humans began communicating through words in…
  • Voringfossen waterfall shot in summer Eidfjord Norway

    The 10 Tallest Waterfalls in the World

    January 4, 2024
    Also known as β€œcascades”, waterfalls usually form when a river or stream flows across horizontal bands of hard rock positioned…